Digital Cultural Heritage

The Cultural Heritage Programme uses digital technologies to bring together academic and heritage communities, museums, libraries, and policy makers for research and public benefit. Its Digital Cultural Heritage is a two-year Network funded by the UK’s Arts and Humanities Research Council to establish a platform for future collaboration with India and China using Linked Data. In each country sample data are being assessed for virtual aggregation building on Oxford University’s CLAROS, The world of art on the semantic web, and the Mellon Foundation’s ResearchSpaceCreating the cultural heritage knowledge graph.

Digital Cultural Heritage is led by the University of Oxford which will host India (16-18/9/2015) and China (30/9-2/10/2015) to explore the challenges and benefits of opening, linking and sharing research data across archaeology, conservation, commerce and government. Programmes for India and China.



Digital Cultural Heritage is a two-year Networking Scheme with India and China (from April 2014) under the AHRC's Highlight Notices for India, China, Taiwan and Brazil. Led by the University of Oxford, with Professor Donna Kurtz as Principal Investigator, it focuses on standards and ontologies for documentation and dissemination of cultural heritage data. Network events will be held in  New Delhi in April 2015, Beijing in May 2015 and Oxford 16-18 September (India Event in the Humanities Division, Radcliffe Observatory Quarter) and 30 September-2 October (China Event in the China Centre). 


INDIA 7-12 April 2015

Digital Cultural Heritage uses the latest web technologies to make the highest quality research data about global heritage available to everyone.  It is led Professor Donna Kurtz, Director of the University of Oxford's Cultural Heritage Programme. In India the national coordinator is Dr Vandana Sinha in the American Institute of Indian Studies.

On 8 April 2015 AIIS hosted a Digital Cultural Heritage workshop.














Sebastian Rahtz, Chief Data Architect of the University of Oxford, and Dominic Oldman, Director of the Mellon Foundation’s ResearchSpace project, talked about the new web technologies and heritage data. On the 9th and 10th they applied them to sample data from AIIS. 


Presentations from the Workshop

Donna Kurtz, Digital Cultural Heritage An India pilot
Sebastian Rahtz and Dominic Oldman Mapping AIIS data to CRM
Dominic Oldman Sharing knowledge
Dominic Oldman's Blog
Reception for Digital Cultural Heirtage hosted by the Oberoi Group in the Oberoi Gurgaon, 8 April 2015

















Udaipur, City Palace

Professor Kurtz was in the City Palace Museum 11-12 April to discuss opening, linking and sharing data





from Eternal Mewar News April 2015

































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