Graduate Visitors


Visiting Oxford for research


If you are a graduate research student interested in participating in the Cultural Heritage Programme, you may be eligible to apply to become a Recognised Student of the University of Oxford.  In order to qualify, you must already be registered with another university as a graduate research student and apply directly to the faculty or department most suited to your research area.  Recognised Students are admitted for a minimum of one and maximum of three terms. 


If accepted as a Recognised Student, the faculty or department will allocate you an Academic Advisor who will provide general advice about your research topic. Please note that the Advisor will not provide systematic instruction such as reading or commenting on written work because you are expected to be sufficiently advanced in your studies to undertake research largely unsupervised. The Advisor will expect to see you two or three times each term to discuss your work as a colleague rather than as a teacher. 


You will be entitled to use the University libraries, to study/conduct your research in any University department or institution (subject to the agreement of the Head of Department), and attend lectures (subject to the permission of the lecturer). 


University tuition fees are payable to cover the cost of access to the University facilities and the guidance provided by your Academic Advisor. Tuition fees do not include college fees (as you are not affiliated with any college), accommodation, or other course and maintenance fees.


For more information, please see, and use our contact form to get in touch:


You may also like to read the Notes from a Recognised Student in Oxford May-June 2014

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