The Cultural Heritage Programme's Website has been created using open source technology. It has been created, hosted and configured by the Oxford e-Research Centre.

The Website is running on an Ubuntu Linux Server and uses a typical LAMP stack (Linux Apache MySQL PHP). The Website has been developed using Drupal, which is a popular and modular open source CMS (Content Management System). In addition to the core Drupal installation a number of modules and additional features have been added, including:

  • Apache Solr search platform with faceted searching
  • Exim - Message Transfer Agent
  • CKEditor
  • Integration with social networks, including Twitter and Facebook
  • Google language translation services
  • Image slideshows
  • Apple/Android application icons
  • Semantic markup using RDFa
  • Google Maps
  • CAPTCHA login protection
  • Google Analytics
  • Adaptive and responsive theming

This Website has also used a Responsive Web Design (RWD) approach and a "Mobile First" strategy to allow for better interaction with mobile and tablet devices. This means that the Website will move sections of the site to fit better on the screen of smaller devices, whether in portrait, or landscape orientations, while maintaining a pleasent user experience.

The Oxford e-Research Centre has used its Drupal experience gathered from other funded research projects (i.e. NeuroHub) to create this site, which was made by Rahim Lakhoo from a design by Donna Kurtz.


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